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MSHINE BIKINI, what else.

Introducing bikini fitness swimsuit, heels, jewelry and accessories collection.


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About bikini fitness store

The idea for the production of racing swimwear originated in 2018, but the actual implementation of the brand was started in 2020 .  

Since I do racing and love glittery accessories, this job was a clear choice.

The first swimsuits I made were for me, and after their appearance was published, orders began to go almost immediately.  

I try to make swimwear from the highest quality materials and therefore I use only Swarovski and Preciosa stones , or stones with the same cut as Swarovski has, and that is 16 cut surfaces (8 small and 8 large) - which ensures a much greater shine.

I am engaged in the production of swimwear for bikini fitness, body fitness, the production of stone heels and I would gradually like to expand my scope to include jewelry.




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