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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • How much does a new swimsuit cost?
    The price depends on the chosen design, the amount of stones on the swimsuit and the material used to make the swimsuit (of course, the design for which Swarovski stones will have to be used will be more expensive). Some colors are only made by Swarovski, so when choosing a design that contains such a color, it is necessary to take into account the higher price.
  • How to proceed when choosing a swimsuit?
    We're glad you chose to work with us! The procedure is as follows: Choose the design you like on the site. If you are not interested in any already produced design, do not despair, we will come up with something new together. When choosing a ready-made design, order via the website or via the instagram / whatsapp pages. Together, they choose the right size for the cups and panties. If necessary, we send a swimsuit base for the test. After selecting the design and size of the swimsuit, you will send a deposit and now the process of making the swimsuit starts :)
  • What is the amount of the deposit?
    The deposit is always half the price of the product.
  • Can you return the deposit for me?
    Sure! We return the deposit within one week of ordering. If the swimsuit is already in the production process, it is not possible to return the deposit :(
  • What will I get with my new swimsuit?
    Your new swimsuit package includes a swimsuit box, a dustbag and a set of spare stones.
  • How long does the production of a swimsuit take?
    It depends on the current number of orders. If there is a racing season, there are a lot of orders and production can be extended. Standard swimsuit delivery time is 4-6 weeks. in Season, this period can be extended to 8 weeks. Therefore, do not delay with the order :)
  • What method do you send products to?
    We try to keep our customers with them as soon as possible, so we use the highest quality shipping companies. They are transported across the Czech Republic via Zásilkovna, Česká pošta, DHL, DPD etc. We then send to other European countries via services such as DHL, TNT, PPL and the delivery time is 2-3 days. We then deliver to countries outside Europe by the same shipping companies, but the delivery time can be in the order of 7-14 days.
  • My swimsuit or shoes don't fit my size, can I have my money back? "
    Unfortunately, all products are, after agreement with the customer, manufactured specifically to measure according to the agreed sizes. Therefore, it is no longer possible to return finished goods. So we don't guarantee if you order a swimsuit too soon before the season and the waist changes during the diet and you need to have smaller panties, for example. The customer is responsible for these changes.
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